Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear, Ry.

Dear, Ry.

alhamdulillah.. it has been 4 months since we shared our togetherness. I've been being a married woman for 122 days and (ofcourse) still counting. If i have to look back to see what we've done so far, it feels so unbelievable. I am a petulant, angered girl and just want to have my own way all of the time. I grew up as a dominant person, uncompromising, and  being childish. Sometimes I'm just like a tattle tale, complaining every unappropriate conditions (and i fly off the handle) to my self. It feels like it's eating me up from the inside out. Anger has been always one of my greatest challanges.

And.... I marry a person who truly, deeply, amazingly understand and accept my whole anger and weakness. You told me -dispite my repulsive mood- that you would do anything you could for me. You heal my anger, you taught me to be a real lady. That mood, don't let it become a cancer that grows with each passing day. I hate the feeling of being angry, especially for no particular reason. Your patience gradually remove any wedge of confusion that has created misunderstanding. You are kind to me most of the time, and you treat me reasonably decently even when you dont like my tempered mood. You said that I deserve to be treated well even when I make mistakes, and even if I make them a lot. That's why, the more I make mistake, the more I feel I love you. It's your way to taught me of learning from the mistakes.

So hi, you.. thakyou for being so patience. This awareness of our differences, since we come from two different cultures, and were raised very differently, yet we have the same strong willingness and vision of living a life. Well, I need to cosider myself as a lucky one.

Since we have been mostly long distance relationship,it's crazy how much i miss you. Everytime you go abroad or go somewhere for the sake of work, I always wait your words "Thak God I've foud you" sent to my Line, a moment before the plane take off.

Thankyou for being an example of what unrequited love looks like. A role model in so many ways. You gave me the opportunity to strive to be the talented person I am today and beyond. Thankyou for saying that I am not as weird as I thought I was; for silently saying that you will always be with me and I dont have to go through this life alone. You kind of love that runs so deep and become apart of my blood. Moving thru my body as the very essence of life itself.

But I think at least you deserve to know that somebody was once madly in love with you. Well, it's me.

I hope you enjoy my soulful writing as much as I do, although sometimes I think you've read everything i write.

Dear, Ry... Happy 4th monthiversary. Thankyou for saving me with your amazing love.


your wife.