Thursday, February 6, 2014


so finally, I dicided to write this. 

Honestly, during the last semester, i felt so stressed. Well, I had a super busy time with a stack of exams consecutively. So, during at that time, I wonder if I was not a human (?) beside a robot which must has a brilliant brain. I became sleepless and I had to memorize all the words in the book which I don't understand why I have to do that. Seems like a robot? I guess yes.

I have to struggle passing this semester with 31 sks. As a good human being, education should be a part in my daily life. Those who give up on education, they must live in bitterness of ignorance.

In the middle of boredom with that campus-thingy, suddenly I watched  a news from television about young men who have drunk, something called "miras oplosan" just for having fun, and…experimenting (!) They mixed some dangerous chemicals into the water, like sprintus (?) -the material which I commonly use for my lab skill class- Oh, come on, you must be kidding. Those chemicals absolutely contain a total toxic for our body.

Can you guess what is the result? Yap yap. They were collapse, fainted. Well, I am interested in comparing these two contrasting conditions. First, my condition which is stressful with all the burden of education, with the hardest way hoping everything ends as soon as possible. Meanwhile, as the opposite condition, the “Miras-men” choose to enjoy their life in the shortest way with the simplest way.

I hate those people, who I called them “crum”. Don’t they think how if they die? If they survive, how much money is needed for the treatment? If they still alive, how is their family’s feeling? still care? Or neglecting…

How many more of young people who are thinking of killing himself by drinking cheap or “oplosan” alcohol? I think that It feels better if all the men who wasted his life should be wiped out, disappeared from this earth. The Earth is already crowded by humans. The occupants should be selected, whose brains are still sane and truly appreciate the life that could live here. While others (who don't appreciate their life) should go to Mars, or wherever...please don't fill my earth with your stupidity. Do not steal the oxygen (?) if it turns out you were reluctant to live. Just go !

What kind of thinking is this?

I just don’t like them. 


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